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22 Haziran 2010 Salı

Linked in deki güzel tartışmalardan biri, "Marketing'le Branding arasındaki fark nedir?" miş, değerli dinleyenler.

hesabınız varsa tahmin ediyorum ki, adresinden ulaşabilirsiniz. En aklı başında konuşan Rob'un metnini ise buraya kopyalamaktan sıkıntı duymuyorum:

So far you've got a response that says branding is just a part of marketing, marketing is just a part of branding, branding is about your product, branding is about how you run your entire company. It seems this term is creating more confusion than clarity.

I think the word "branding" has been misused and over-extended to the point that its originally intended meaning is obscured. It would be easier to avoid the word entirely and talk about how the era of "brand thinking" has impacted marketing and advertising.

The biggest lesson for marketers and brand managers is simply to step back from media and tactics and minutiae and look at the big picture again. As Rathan responded above, not "What should we say about ourselves, and how?" but "How are we different? What do we stand for? Why should anyone care?" Answering these questions before examining something like the 4 Ps will ensure consistency in messaging, but also---as Coreen states---in actions, which is increasingly where brands are winning or losing.

Personally, I'd like to get past thinking of "branding" as some hot new idea that can sell a lot of books and accept it as more of a renewed focus on something that we intuitively knew mattered all along. Practically speaking, getting answers to those big questions listed above and expressing the resulting ideas employs the same old tactics we've always used, like market research, ethnography, advertising, package design, etc.

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